Flying on the wings of the Knights of Malta, that's what KM stands for. Here are 5 things you should know about Air Malta:

Joseph Muscat KM100 - the Malta - London flight is the airlines oldest route, which it has served since its first day.

Joseph Muscat The Maltese cross soaring over European skies, that's what the four points of cross on the cross printed on the tail of each plane stand for.

Joseph Muscat Air Malta inaugurated its first flight as an independent nation and celebrated its first anniversary as a republic.

Joseph Muscat Air Malta takes off to more than 35 countries but ultimately landing on Maltese soil... always bringing us back home.

Joseph Muscat Air Malta inaugurated its first flight just 43 years ago. Putting things into perspective, that's not that long ago. The airline now connects us to over 35 major cities across Europe and the Mediterranean.

We need our national airline to be financially viable, so as to guarantee accessibility to and from Malta. Tourism depends on it. Our economy depends on it. This is not something we can afford to gamble with.

Forza Nazzjonali pledges to invest in the airline and its workforce to work towards its sustainability and profitability.