EMPLOYEE RETENTION. I honestly feel that it is now high time to legally enforce removal of certain text placed in situations vacant. The most alarming is this one. "willing or ready to work under stress" In my humble opinion, such statements throw a very bad light on the company seeking new employees. This only shows that the company either dios not have the right culture, or the right leadership, or the right structures in place, or the employees are just a number, or the management is falling apart. Why should we work under stress? If there is really a lot if stress at any workplace, something is very abnormal and incorrect. I would agree to be employed to eliminate stress but not to work under stress. Stress and anxiety only gets to burn outs, many errors, no motivation, no innovation, no creatitivity. Stress also is the cause of family problems, big time. E L I M I N A T E. E D U C A T E. M A N A G E C H A N G E. WE ARE IN THE 20TH CENTURY. PLEASE.