I was brainstorming regarding our local councils and conducted some research what foreign local councils look like and how they operate. May I offer the following suggestions, please. If we really believe in local councils and their abilities and if such councils are carefully monitored, then I feel it is time to manage change. I would ensure that all those elected are fully paid and that their income is solely a local Council wage, which is fair and reasonable. Anything or nearly anything which has to be done in the town or village is fully managed by the council, meaning that funds are sent to the council, they issue call for tenders, they issue the orders, they pay, they monitor the services given and they take care of the entire process. If need be, to cope with the workload, civil servants are transferred to local councils, to assist. One board is nominated by the government, three by the government and two by the opposition. They will be responsable to monitor and scrutinize all tender awards to ensure the outmost transparency. Where possible and if enough space is available in the council's building, certain civil sevants from various govt depts are transfered there to provide a better service for those who, to date, do not know how to use facilities provided via the Internet. We still have many of such people. If a really good plan is made, it will be a success. Let me give just one example. Yeserday, in a particular locality, 5 or 6 people (I have no idea with whom they are employed) were walking through the streets checking if the garbage issued is correct on the day. Instead of splitting up so that in 1 day they can cover nearly all the streets, they all stuck together. Pathetic and stupid. Money down the drain. Let's give our people the leadership they want and need. The photo say's it all.