The survey of today shows very clearly that we still have a long way to go. One has to look into this survey in more detail, though. There are many who are still undecided and who might have opted not to reply. If this % is over 20%, then the future is bright. In my opinion, the next month is the month where all the party's efforts and hard work is necessary. My advice is to continue communicating with as simple words as possible to make more clear the financial situation, the fact that today employees are so hard to find and why. Why the cost of living is increasing regularly. Why there is no coordination whatsoever on the closing of so many roads, with no planning. Why a bit of rainfall causes flooding. I can go on for days. If we plan well and have competent people who will assure synergie and team work between various gov depts, we shall solve several big problems. What is sure is that we need a quick change. A quick change for our future generations.