The last survey showed a picture whereby PN is still at a disadvantage. Prior to looking very deeply into those who will not vote, those who do not who to vote for, I, for one, would like to focus on the section of people who cannot understand why the NP is the only alternative today. Now, there are those who I am more than sure do not understand what the NP is proposing. And those who do no want to understand. Who are the people who might have voted LP are, and how do you really get to them? How can the party be more effective to get through. Billboards, a one page flyer in each household. Simple words. Mention "your children's future". Mention "are you really coping with being able to buy all you need and are you paying higher elect and water bills. Use polls on Social media on Maltese and English. A poll can easily be issued per day. So much can be done.