Good morning to all. I just have to state this as I feel that this govt is now really trying to pull our leg. The PM attended a change in climate sumit where he stated that his govt is doing all they can about this issue. IT SEEMS THAT ROBERT ABELA EITHER STAYS AT HOME AND DOES NOT SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND US, OR IS LITERALLY JOKING. ANYWAY, WE ARE NOT LAUGHING AT ALL. A cheque is on the way. GOOD MOVE PM. Now why don't you promise the people that you will also get back the millions that have been taken away from us or better still, stolen? Do it and just maybe we shall start to believe you a little bit. It seems that you will also get all the roads ready till the election as wherever you go, chaos, traffic, and then you talk about climate change Anyway, I can go on for hours. WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU.