There is absolutely no doubt that certain changes, even if difficult to implement, have to be done, and I will outline a few: Government depts: an employee analysis has to be done. We must change the culture. The civil servant has to be treated much better and that we show them that somebody out there appreciates their work. We also have to kill the perception that people join up as a civil servant just because it is so easy going. If this, then, is not a perception, then action has to be taken. No need to employ a consultancy firm to do this and spend hundreds of thousands. All one needs is a hands on team. From experience, this is very doable. Then we come to coordination between ministries and govt depts. This is a must. Today, it's everybody on their own. Tomorrow we must ensure synergie, foresight, creativity and innovation. Transparency is also on the list. Again, it only takes a good team to make this happen. A new team, new designations. Such teams should be answerable only to the PM or the vice PM. No beating about the bush here. It will take many months to do all this this, but once it is done, structures in place, procedures, policies and processes, then we shall end up with a real professional approach. Last but not least, recognition, respect and remuneration. Those who work hard have to be remunerated. Those who have pride in working have to be recognized. Those who want to build a career have to be respected.