Government entities must be transparent when signing contracts and making decisions. No more behind the curtain deals, with big businesses (example-power station/hospitals and many more). I suggest that all contracts/tenders etc etc, be available in FULL, for the general public to see, before signing. At the end of the day the normal citizen deserves to know where his tax money is going and for what. Same goes for some of the Planning authority very dubious permits. There is completely no transparency in the decision making process and most of the documentation gets either magically deleted from their website or is just simply unavailable. How someone has no issue demolishing a 1000 year old historic building on ancient ruins, building on ODZ land, whilst others are not allowed to even change a window is out of this world. Certain Media propaganda should be carefully monitored as it doesn’t show reality. It is too easy in Malta to omit parts of documents/ speeches and use the rest out of context, for personal/political gain. Although everyone has the right for his own opinion, no one is entitled to his own facts. Fact checking and it’s subsequent dissemination is of upmost importance. In a digital era-everything should be within easy reach to everyone and easy to analyze/fact check.