Though some relief was provided, by increasing the efficiency and capacity of our road network, this was very short-sighted and didn’t address the problem. We need a progressive mind-shift to switch to more efficient and sustainable modes of transport (including walking, cycling, buses). A very high cost solution would be to introduce an efficient underground transport system, such as the one in major cities like London, Tokyo etc. I believe this could work well in Malta, due to our small size. However there are also cheaper alternatives like - 1. City delivery depots- in places like Valletta, sliema and st.julians were there is a high amount of commercial activity, I humbly suggest to start introducing ‘delivery depots’. Basically all merchandise is deposited in this depot and than transported by this same ‘delivery depots’ to the businesses one by one throughout the city. This will immediately alleviate a lot of traffic, as there only needs to be a single delivery truck in the city/town, doing deliveries (instead of having multiple delivery trucks from different companies supplying any number of shops/ businesses). 2.Most of the traffic congestion is also caused by the limited parking spaces on our island. Personally I sometimes spent 30 minutes or more to find a parking place. I suggest a new policy to introduce more public/ private parking spaces in each town/city (especially places like the north harbor area). We also need more incentives for people to build more garages with any new development, instead of the current garage policy. 3. Improve cycle lanes- a simple way to improve our cycle lanes would be to put clear markings on every street/zebra crossing. These cycle lanes should have adequate space from busy roads and pedestrians when space permits. Also we need to remove all obstacles which would make the cyclist dismount and continue on foot.