One in three people worried about their mental health in July (Times 31/8/21 article ) It’s time to consider mental health as a top priority hand in hand with protecting the environment - also offering first aid training: from local councils to businesses & organisations. Mental health services should be offered from health Centres 24/7 - to deal with emergencies and offer immediate help/first aid even if called out to visit a patient, when necessary. To consider subsidising costs to psychologist/psychiatric for those with chronic situations. To get some meds onto the POYC system. To beef up recreational spaces in each community /locality so people can take healthy walks without air or noise pollution. To insist that buildings must factor in, the mental health of residents living in pokey places, so closely near each other without ‘lung spaces’ to enjoy. Mental health is a key issue affecting people’s work, production output levels, quality of family relationships, impact on common good in society - it must be given a decent enough budget to cater for more professionals in the field. If necessary, import professionals from overseas to cater for the demand. Perhaps offer pledges to NGOs who initiate & enable wellbeing projects in the community, for children, youth, the elderly etc…. To get off their screens but enjoy the outdoors. To offer opportunities for volunteering so people can share their talents, qualities, expertise and feel needed by others who seek them. This sense of purpose and belonging is more valuable than money for some. A campaign to teach people the value of mental health over ‘wealth’ is necessary, to get our priorities right. Thank you