Anything relating to justice, like courts, lawyers, mediations etc should be rethought, and reconfigured. During bonaria separation cases the lawyers discuss between themselves (when they remember) at their own speed, many at times leaving their clients waiting even for months with relative simple cases taking years. One lawyer says I had sent emails to their lawyer while the other lawyer says they never received them, and weeks and months are lost while any people and their children remain unsettled not being able to move on with their lives creating tension and frustration for their families. A website for mediation cases should be made available so anyone who logs in has only his case showing, the cases are not visible to anyone else. The site will, show all correspondence and relative dates between the lawyers and mediators, and also the latest achievements of the case, so that everything is transparent! A lot of people are going from bonaria to court because their lawyers are not always transparent and not always following up their case on a regular basis. Both parties think that eachother are playing delaying tactics while lawyers are taking more work in than they can really handle. The whole system forces troubled individuals into heavy delays and in the meantime to cough up their life long savings. It needs a complete overhaul so that it truly serves the families and not those who run the system!