First things first. The first obvious thing that needs to be implemented is a radical change in the electoral system and party financing rules. Unless the political parties stop being financed, I say underhandedly, by big business, this country will always remain in the deep pits. No need to invent the wheel, just follow what other real democracies have implemented. 1) No more electoral districts, candidates are elected from a nationwide vote similar to European Parliament elections, this will strongly reduce selling oneself for votes in the district and it benefits mostly the candidate himself/herself. This will also open the possibility of voting a third party which is needed in this country. 2) Full time politicians and substantial increase in salary of politicians. This should come in place after establishing clear and appropriate sanctions for politicians caught doing ANY form of business. 3) State party financing. Donations are strictly limited to one or 2 maximum tv or other telethons. Donation amount to be limited to very small value 4) The environment should be given true priority. No gimmicks please. Let's start by reviewing the local plans and cut out the intended loopholes. Scrap immediately the infamous "fuel stations" policy or the "rural" policies. ODZ to be really ODZ, meaning NO DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED FOR WHATEVER REASON. Government should create a national fund and start buying strategically situated property from owners (at market price) in order to give it back to the people in the form of family parks (real ones not fake concrete parks) and other environmentally friendly projects. 5) Remove political parties once and for all from local councils. 6) This one is also crucial. Reform the educational sector, lengthen the school hours so that kids can do the homework, sports and other activites in the after hours. No more parents driving children to extra curricular activities, these should be held in schools. This will reduce traffic and will make it possible to introduce alternative transport from A to B. Without the educational reform, alternative transport will always fail. These are just a few of the proposals which come to mind but there are hundreds more that can be implemented if there is the will to create a real change for the better. The nationalist party needs to start being bold, half measures won't do.