WHO and SDGs 3 and 5 for 2030 both mention the importance of proper family planning policies both from a health perspective (SDG 3.7) and also from a Gender Equality (SDG 5.6) perspective. Reproductive justice emphasises the importance for women's right to have children, not to have children and the right to parent those children in a safe and healthy environment. It combines the ideas of social justice and human rights for all and concentrates and puts women at the heart of the decision making process. Every woman is different and a one size fits all type of reproductive health and family planning policy is not conducive to a healthy society. The intersecting affects, of poverty, domestic violence, ones socioeconomic status, religion, race, sexual orientation all play an important role in family planning. 2030 is just over 8 years away and Malta is far from achieving any of these targets, placing us in worse positions than some developing countries. If you really care about women and the health of Maltese children and society in general Family Planning needs to be at the heart of your health care policies. Thank you