my suggestion is that the local councils should provide an 'office' where Inland Revenue workers can support people from various localities in the area so that there will be no need for the people to go to Floriana and stay after a long queue to get a service. Although there is the online service, some people still feel that going personally is the best way. Knowing the fact that Malta is small island and people know each other, my idea is to have workers at the local council within the area of the vicinity. EX lets say the Fgura local council will be offering this service, employees working at the Inland Revenue coming from the south area will be offering this service twice a week. Ex someone from Marsaskala can drive to Fgura and offer this service there. Today all you need is a VPN and connect directly to the igovt system. like this people in Fgura will be able to go to the council offices and get the service from there, this should start as a pilot exercise and then start to be implemented across the island. Other services can be intorduced as well.