PN needs to be more vocal about reproductive rights and women’s rights. Contraception needs to be free, this includes all kinds of contraception - condoms, contraceptive pill (this is also used in some medical conditions), coil and implant. Sexual health education needs to be addressed urgently and in a drastic manner, targeting all ages not just children. Also, abortion must be decriminalised. It’s unacceptable for women to be treated as criminals when they try taking control of their health. Women are going abroad for terminations when pregnancy impacts their health, when there are fatal foetal abnormalities, when they’ve been raped (they happen far more often than you’d think) and more. I’m one of the Doctors for Choice and I volunteer for the FPAS helpline. I hear plenty of horrific stories and they happen frequently. We get requests for information about abortion at least once a day with a vast range of reasons including domestic violence, health problems and dire financial situations