The numbers speak for themselves, look at how many cadettes we have had during these past two years and compare that to the amount of cadet’s that entered the force say 10 years ago...

There is no comparison, not at all. Let’s look at it this way, during the past year there have been over 300 police that have successfully ended their carrier with the force, and there have been only 100 new cadets’… that is 1/3rd of the amount. The situation, as it stands shows we need more police and not less. I have been informed in the last applications for new cadet’s only 19 applied! And they ended up cancelling the course!

And its completely understandable why, the working conditions, pay for the sacrifice, autocracy, and political intervention, that exist in the police force is obviously making many shy away from entering this profession and you cannot blame them, this saddens me. Within the police force we have person high in rank instructing officers not to say or post they are policemen and women on social media! Why!? They should be proud of their job, proud of the work they do!

We see working conditions have not improved with time, we have left the force in the dark ages in certain aspects, we have lost our compassion, and expect them to be flawless under the most stressful and difficult conditions. Allowances have been removed, wages have not increased to reflect the job these men and woman do everyday. We have a situation were those who are supposed to be listening and working in tandem with the police Unions are doing everything they can to destroy them!

Even something as simple as a COVID booster shot has had to become a struggle, something that they need to fight for are these men and woman not putting their lives at risk like the rest of the front liners? Are these not the front liners we applauded during the pandemic, are these still not the same people we run to when we are in peril?

But everyone has a limit, we have seen an increase in industrial disputes put forward by the Police union, as things are defiantly not as peachy as some would like to make us believe! Let’s hope that we will not come to a time when we need a police officer and will not find one, when we call and will not get the immediate response, we are accustomed to, we already have several police stations that have closed and were replaced by intercoms! Ridicules!  But that’s a whole other article.

So, what’s next? Are we expecting another teacher or nurse situation? Were we do not have enough, because we were not proactive enough to listen to what the police themselves had to say? We were too pompous to listen to the unions and their ideas? I hope not! Can you imagine a situation where we do not have enough police to cater for our needs? To keep us safe!

But there is still hope, not all is lost, and we can turn this whole thing around! We need to create a more appealing police force, one that caters for todays needs! Its not about new cars and body cams, but seeing police have adequate insurance policies to cater for their needs and not be subject to discrimination because of the nature of their work. revaluating pensions, better allowances to cater for the sacrifice like that of other public officials, ability of advancement in their carriers, and investment in CPD! These men & woman even lack the basic needs such as changing rooms and showers in their work premises some of these go against health and safety codes! Police officers need to ensure that their physical strength is adequate, and we must ensure that they have what is needed to do this.  The abolishment once and for all of political intervention,  lets let police do what they do best, they do not need politicians telling should be assigned to which location or position! Let’s see justice done with those who have suffered injustice and let’s see our men and woman in blue be fairly compensated for the service and safe environment they provide for us! This would be just a start of how we can attract the best to consider this noble profession!

Ivan Castillo


A candidate from the people for the people. Kandidat f'isem il-Partit Nazzjonalista għall-Elezzjoni Ġenerali fuq it-12 Distrett.