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    Anna Maria Gatt
    commented on A Minister for Healthy Lifestyles and Sport 2021-09-10 06:56:48 +0200
    Thanks for your reply. What I suggest is that in the planning of the PN’s political program, in this regards, the experts are brought on board. The real experts who this government has never ever consulted. I am referring to the Exercise Specialists, better known as Physical Trainers or Personal Trainers, owners of gyms who invest thousands but at the same time, their work is never recognised. Some suggestions to consider and which might have a ripple effect on the population: 1) encourage places of work (e.g. offices, firms, companies, factories) to promote physical activity as part of the daily schedule of their employees. Even 20 minutes a day should be enough. How can this be done? These Exercise Specialists (there are numerous freshly qualified youngsters graduating from MCAST every year) should be employed by companies to carry out exercise programs within the firms themselves. The secret is all about knowledge. Give the employees the knowledge, the skill and they can start working out on their own then. Maybe the government can subsidize this, while having the exercise specialists promoting their work, and why not, encourage employees to join fitness centres after work.

    2) invest more in PE in schools. This has been a discourse for years and years. Action must be taken seriously. We cannot have students, especially in schools with excellent sports facilities (e.g. De la Salle, St Aloysious, St. Benedict Kirkop) having only 40 minutes a week!! The curriculum priorities have to change, NOW! Why is there the need of having 6 lessons of English each week? (I am sure Ms. Ann Marie Grech can give also suggestions on this issue of time-tabling). Or else make good use of break time, with appropriate remuneration for teachers who would like to organise physical activities for students. For students participation has to be compulsory.

    3) in your reply Dr. Grech, you mentioned open gyms. I was always very much in favour of these gyms but unfortunately many of them are always empty. I would involve here the Local Councils in the same way as point 1 above. The Council, with the financial aid of the Government, could employ an Exercise Specialist and organise regular and at different times, sessions in these gyms. Sessions during which the residents will learn how to use this equipment in a way that fits their own lifestyle and condition. It’s useless having equipment but having no idea how to make use of it.

    Excuse me for replying once more but I am very passionate about this. Plus I teach these students who are very passionate also about this career and seeing all this treasure of knowledge going to waste, really hurts me.