As usual after each Olympics the question what should Malta do to win a medal crops up. The truth is there was never a government which did enough especially for the small associations which actually have a better chance in delivering a medal as they usually run individual sports. The money available for these associations is miserable, with budgets of Eur 3,000 and also they have to pay to rent facilities , even for those run by Sport Mata. In order for sport to thrive I propose that the Government will fully subsidize sports facilities to all national sport associations and increase substantially their budget. The benefits would be more youths to remain active, rather than abandoning sport at a young age (most do so as soon they turn 18) and therefore having a more health society and also increasing Sports tourism. With the current numbers participating in sport , national associations cannot afford to organize good international competitions in Malta. Only after we can start talking about medals. Till now we had cheap talk but no action from politicians of both parties.