The economic points scored by the Labour government are overshadowed by the damage done by the same government to our country’s reputation. The principles of good governance, meritocracy, transparency and accountability – agrantly touted before the last election – were buried underneath a series of scandals. The Prime Minister’s inaction or token action when faced with clear cases of abuse is as serious and worrying as the scandals themselves.

The Prime Minister repeatedly says that the people expect better from him and his government. And he is right. The people gave his Party an unprecedented parliamentary majority. He appointed the largest Cabinet in Malta’s political history. With such a strong parliamentary majority and with the largest administration, the people have every right to expect better from him and his government. But these legitimate expectations – expectations for a new and fairer way of doing politics – were clearly not met. Questions are now also being asked about the economic performance of our country, especially in terms of the growing social inequalities. 

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