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    Charles Galea
    I was recently shocked reading an open letter from a former chief justice that claimed that Courts operation is slowed because judges do not have the appropriate support staff, which should amount to some 12 individual, including no less than 3 types of messengers, Such a claim surely makes one to believe that the entire courts operation is mired in the early 20th century, and that it is based on practices that can only be justified on the biases of anacronistic tradition and surely not on efficiency and common sense.

    A through analysis of the system and methodology of the Court’s operation should thus be early undertaken with a view to enable JUSTICE to be administered in time and in through the most efficient use of processes and technology available in this day and age.

    It is to ne expected that such an armageddon in the operations of our legal profession is bound to meet stiff opposition, mostly based on a defence of tradition and self interest; but surely one cannot continue to justify a backlog of around seventy + pending Jury Sessions to be justified within the concept of ‘Justice in time’ .

    But then it is useless to continue blabbering about the merits of the RULE of LAW if we are not ready to ensuring an efficient operation of the Courts.