The latest report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change serves as a shocking warning that the next decade is the last chance to act to prevent a climate catastrophe. The floods in Germany and China, the forest fires in Greece and California, the heatwaves here in Malta are only a taste of what the future could hold for the country and the planet.

The climate crisis is an existential threat to humanity. But it is equally an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to take bold steps in addressing this shared challenge. Through innovation and sustainable investment, private actors can transform today’s economy into tomorrow’s abundance of solutions and wealth.

To the Nationalist Party, the industry is a part of the solution, a partner to consult and dialogue with. We take pride in seeing that more prominent players are already taking concrete steps to decrease their carbon emissions and impact on the environment through investment in sustainable technology, best practices and renewable energy. Smaller firms, SMEs and micro-enterprises, which are finding it harder to go green, deserve the support they need to make the transition. 

The PL administration boasts about the amount invested in this sector, but emissions have continued to rise. That is why, earlier this year, PN proposed measures critical to reaching carbon neutrality – focusing on renewables, a second interconnector, alternate transport, and energy efficiency. Investment is required, not only through schemes and grants but in the R&D of the industry.

Climate change requires adaptability, to which the current administration has not given a thought. The brief mention in the Low Carbon Development Strategy lacks grounding and diminishes climate change impacts on well-being, economy, and environment. Though adaptation may be less commensurable, risk assessments and concrete measures ought to be taken to safeguard our country. Lack of preparation and support in this regard will negatively impact industries – especially tourism, agriculture and fisheries. Sectors need an in-depth analysis with specific adaptation plans and clear goals.


In the face of a Labour Government which persistently fails to meet carbon targets, then sets less ambitious ones, the Nationalist Party firmly believes that the local business diaspora has the best solutions to offer, if mettled by the appropriate economic incentives and political will.

Despite a Labour administration that seeks to shun the responsibility of acting about the climate crisis due to the size of our islands, the Nationalist Party has even more faith in the potential of local private businesses to lead a wave of change in this country. To us, Malta’s size means that private actors’ initiatives can be more profound, more significant. 

It was our country that put Climate Change on the United Nations agenda back in 1988. A newly-elected Nationalist administration will restore Malta as an actor on climate change. The PN will work with businesses and industries to restore the country’s natural environmental and green spaces and drive climate-friendly practices and technology.  A Nationalist Administration will place its faith in the entrepreneurs, creators and business leaders in our country to improve the quality of life of all. We will walk this path towards fighting climate change with the sound knowledge that the industry has solutions to offer.


Robert Cutajar


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