I think the Maltese find it hard to put into perspective the cost of corruption. When the PN flags Government Corruption, the common citizen is thinking "they think they are better than them but they're not" i.e. its hard to win the argument when it comes to the principle aspect. But money is a different story! The Maltese citizen is much more concerned about his money. The booming economy is probably the largest factor of Labour's success, regardless of the ways and means, but people are happy because they have MONEY. Then I believe that is the argument that needs to be pushed on the table - what was the cost of corruption? Quoting Millions is unrealistic, in the sense, a person can't usually put that into perspective of how this translates into his life. Then go ahead and help them do it. This can be done by estimating the cost per person, and if need be per year. If say, we take what is being paid out to Vitals in a year which is Eur70mln and getting nothing back for it. Divide roughly by population 500,000 people than roughly in a year I have paid Eur140 to the government to go to Vitals. People can relate to this figure, and then compare it to the Eur100 vouchers they were given. One cay argue, that money could have been used to build a new hospital, school or whatever other project that Malta needs. But most importantly, the message needs to be as personal as possible - you have paid that amount of tax - and you have been robbed! Make them aware, that money is yours, you have been paying for those corrupt deals - you could have gone to a weekend break instead with your family - but instead your hard-earned money has been used to finance corrupt deals. Vitals is also a solid argument, in the sense that it can be used to promise the money back if the deal can be annulled through the courts. I remember the mantra of the famous Eur500k a week salary increase pushed by PL back in 2013....people could relate to that. Give them another mantra now!