Joseph Muscat Will free childcare schemes be scrapped?
No. In fact, we will extend free childcare services to all children, not only those whose parents are in employment as it is today. This is a social, educational and early developmental measure that will also help those families which find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

Joseph Muscat Will I stop receiving my pension if the nationalists win this election?
You can be rest assured that you will not only continue receiving your pension, but a government led by Forza Nazzjonali will also be working to ensure you earn more, so your pension lasts you longer.

Joseph Muscat I’m part of the LGBTIQ community. Will my rights be retained if I vote for Froza Nazzjonali?
Of course! We will certainly retain all the laws and rights that were introduced by this government and go a step further: introduce same-sex marriages.

Joseph Muscat Will a vote for Forza Nazzjonali endanger the economic sector?
The economic growth experienced during this legislature wasn’t a product of Joseph Muscat’s four-year-government, but a cultivation of the economic strength reaped during previous legislatures. The gaming sector and financial services are all fruit of a Nationalist government. Meanwhile, Labour Party’s ‘pro-business’ government has created no new economic sectors, except for the sale of citizenships, which is linked to money-laundering scandals. It is the Labour government who is endangering what the Nationalist has done, rather than the other way around.

Joseph Muscat Will I pay more for my electricity if I vote for Forza Nazzjonali?
No. A Forza Nazzjonali government will buy electricity from the cheapest source, which is the inter-connector, and not the power station.

Joseph Muscat Will I still receive a stipend at the end of each month?
Of course! Student stipends will remain untouched after the election. We will also be heavily investing more money in research, technology, development and innovation (RTDI), and provide significantly more support to PhD students.