Country ----------- Focus on Minimum Wage and Living Wage prospects. Salaries have been stuck for ages. A lot of people want this. Rent/Property pricing Environment - A modern infrastructure. Be quicker and more resilient than PL Party ----------- Align towards a young party with regenerative ideas just like JM did in 2013. Dinosours that have been around for decades haven't got a place. Just keep the ones with great experience, get rid of the disruptors and people causing internal issues. Bring people closer to the party by championing both Adrian Delia and Bernards people as one. Listen to LABOUR SUPPORTERS and PN FLOATERS by getting their critical feedback and acting on it. Very important! Blame the Government less and focus on unity and how youll take everyone on board. People will walk to the PN if you show them a united force, not if you criticise Labour or talk about corruption.