Today I was listening to a tik-tok, and I heard something interesting that I want to share with you. The person doing the tik-tok was explaining how the human mind could never be negative, it does not work that way… let me give you an example If I was to say “don’t think about Elephants” … what is the first thing that pops into your head? If I was to say just before you went skiing, “don’t hit a tree”, all the way down the only thing you will be looking at would be the tree’s so that you do not hit them… you would not be looking at the path you need to take, the conditions of the snow, and many other  important things that you should be focusing on.. no, you would be focusing only on the tree’s so you would not hit one.

What does this have to do with the title? The labour party have made it their mission to ensure that they are not criticised in any way. They honestly believe that stopping people from criticising will ensure they remain popular…and in a way it has worked.  Labour would like people to believe that PN are negative, obviously as we are doing the job of the opposition, they believe that repeating it enough people will start to automatically believe it, and many unfortunately have. They have done this as they know no one likes anything negative. I mean like I said the mind can never comprehend negativity, and this will allow them to continue to rake havoc on the country they are supposed to protect.

But in reality… PN is not at all negative. We are realistic, we speak about issues which exist, they are the reality of many that we have the privilege of meeting everyday. There is an obvious difference between the two. Realism is based on practicability of the situations and problems. A person gripped by realism approaches any given problem after taking into account the practicability of solving it.

If you look at what we are doing holistically it is easy to see that we are being realistic but also proactive discussing real issue’s, real problems, and creating real solutions. We are without a doubt the most proactive opposition in the history of this country. We have issued proposal after proposal, which the government itself has taken on!!

This itself shows how the labour party not only cannot be trusted, but they prove them selves to be inconsistent time and again!  If we are so negative, and we had negative ideas… why would the government take all our proposals and materialise them? They try and make them their own!

I mean apart form the fact that this government is defiantly less visionary since our independence, why would they be taking our idea’s if we are so negative?  The answer is obvious, the Nationalist Party under Bernard Grech is understanding people's needs, we are positive and close to the people and doing something about it.  Criticising the government and calling it out where it should be doing more, as that is also part of the oppositions job…to be a watch dog to ensure the government does what it promised. I mean why would they call it the opposition if that was not our job?

Let’s not let labour try and manipulate us… we are much smarter than that!  We must remind  the Maltese what we can do, how much better we can be, how much more we can accomplish, how better peoples lives and their children’s lives will be with a party that has their interests at heart and not the pockets of the few!

Ivan Castillo


A candidate from the people for the people. Kandidat f'isem il-Partit Nazzjonalista għall-Elezzjoni Ġenerali fuq it-12 Distrett.