1. Buy land from people in the outskirts but within the development zone and covert it to green areas... *pay rent to people having fields not in use and plant trees... * invest in watering drones so that areas can remain green all year round * Each city/village should have a building criteria. Ex. Only houses with 2 stories in a specific shape, colour. I understand that it is difficult now to revert the damage... But whoever plans to live in an area would know the restrictions. If I want to live in a 10 storey condo I can move to village A.. If I am ready to build in line with the requirements of village B then well and good. Our buildings are a havoc and just leave no sense on tranquility when you look at them. * pay teachers like professionals... * increase minimum wage but give incentives to the employer. * calculate the value of the money that were stolen from corruption and commit to give them back to the people, not in capital investment.. But directly in their pockets... Whether if its in vouchers, investment plans or tax rebates.. People want money in their pocket. If money is stolen and they are not affected they don't care. But if they know that if this money is not stolen they stand to gain personally I think it would be a different story.