• Something is very, very wrong.

    Read more → Regardless of whether you believe your Prime Minister is corrupt himself, his sidekicks – Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi – have admitted they have illegal accounts in Panama. Why did Joseph Muscat not call for their resignation the second he realised they were involved in shady dealings? Simple – he’s defending them because he also has something to hide.
  • He can’t admit when he’s wrong.

    Read more → Everyone gets things wrong – but it’s scary when they can’t admit it. Joseph Muscat said he would resign if the power station wasn’t ready within two years. It took four years and he didn’t accept any responsibility for lying to the Maltese public. Shouldn’t someone who gets something wrong on a national scale be accountable for it?
  • He is being heavily investigated.

    Read more → That’s right – a magisterial enquiry into his involvement in the Panama Scandal is on-going, and international eyes are on him (and us). It is absolutely unheard for a Prime Minister to be investigated on that level, and still be PM. He should have stepped aside the minute he was under suspicion. Do you really trust that a Prime Minister under investigation by the law is fit to run our country?
  • Malta’s reputation is at stake.

    Read more → Did you know some international experts our calling our island the ‘Panama of the Mediterranean’? That hasn’t happened by coincidence. It has happened because Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri have dragged our name and reputation through the mud on a global level. If Joseph Muscat doesn’t have anything to hide, why won’t he meet with the MEPs on the EU’s Pana Committee? We know why: it’s because he’s scared.
  • Our environment has been ransacked.

    Read more → It’s literally in the worst state ever – from the unprecedented number of permits that have been granted for the demolition of historic buildings, to the decimation of OZD land for projects he has promised as favours. Malta is not his to destroy but, if he sticks around any longer, our island will be destroyed even further. Oh, and don’t forget all those high-rises!