As agriculture is a sector that contribute but also mitigate green house gases emissions, one need to think creatively to reduce green house gasses while increase carbon dioxide absorption both by trees and plants and Soil. Eu funds for rural development of the next program need to be directing on efficiency example by using Manure treatment (biogas), pelleting and waste to energy on farm to reduce operational costs. One most not forget that storing Manure with a high moisture content will generate a lot of Methane emissions that contribute to green house gasses. Also one must consider changing a proportion of the sector to new kind of rearing system, like slow growing that is gaining momentum in other Eu countries which incorporate smaller animal density, added welfare and sell directly from the farm ( Eu farm to fork strategy). Producing energy form farms is a challenge since usually they are situated far away form the grid and the investment to connect is quiet reasonable . This mean that while planning our grid distribution one need to think about energy coming from farms. Maltese agriculture should not be directed in a channel to copy large scale productions system and compete with large scale farming but given the opportunity to build a customer to farmer approach where costumer can have and support the producer that they trust. Local legislation need to be changed to facilitate this process.