Since the demand of patients at Mater Dei always increases, the goverment should work closely with local private hospitals in order to decrease the pressure on the staff at Mater Dei. For instance, the government can give a tax refund to those who have health insurance. Weekends and public holidays people can go to see a GP in a private hospital free of charge. Private hospitals can also try to reach an agreement with the government to open a ward for patients who need rehabilitation due to mental illness. These patients include those who are suffering from mental disorders that need to be observed by a psychiatrist. This should be until the hospital Monte Carmeli is refurbished. Private hospitals should also open in Gozo so that gozitans who have health insurance can also benefit from the tax refund scheme and also not to rely on one hospital. Increase in the amount of ambulances and also give more incentives to local nurses and doctors in order to stay in Malta and not to leave the country to work in foreign hospitals. At the moment we are seeing an increase in foreign nurses, doctors and carers at Mater Dei because of lack of staff. We need to consolidate our good nurses and doctors and not let them be replaced by non EU carers and nurses. We need skilled, qualified professionals in our hospital and we need to keep the reputation of being one of the best hospitals in Europe due to the highly qualified staff that we have.