Everyone on the island is aware of the huge issues we face here in Malta with land transportation. Traffic is a regular issue throughout the day and air quality is off the charts (in a bad way). We need to look at how we can take a holistic approach to the issue and implemented the required changes for long-term gain. Widening of roads is a very short-sighted solution with massive repercussions for future thanks to the removal of agricultural land and trees, so we should stop this practice immediately. Instead, we should look at transparently conducting a study with seasoned experts on the subject in order to determine the correct way forward, taking into account both the economic and environmental benefits of the different suggestions. An example would be for a linked public transport system involving overground/underground trains with links to small-scale intra-region bus networks and ferry terminals. An proposal I had written about can be seen at http://www.ilpunt.com/2019/01/a-public-transport-proposal-for-maltese.html. This in-turn should also be coupled with other initiatives to encourage to use of these new public transport systems, such as - Increase in road tax for secondary vehicles - Decrease in road tax for light vehicles such as motorcycles (already implemented for 125cc vehicles which was a fantastic idea by the current administration) - Rewards scheme for people using public transport over and above any other form of private transportation (rebate on car insurance/road tax if proven usage of private vehicle is below 40% for example) - Better infrastructure for walking and cycling (which will be possible with less cars on the road). I'm sure there are many other initiatives that can be implemented but the above are just a few.