People are looking more and more towards ways of off-setting their carbon footprint and contributing towards an eco-friendly way of living both at home and abroad. Malta could act as an eco-friendly destination with the aim of implementing eco-initiatives across the island to not only improve tourism prospects for those people that appreciate eco-friendly destinations and spend a lot of money to enjoy them, but also improve the lives of residents by making their home more sustainable, cleaner and an overall better place to live. The creation of a strategy to implement initiatives that will transform the island into an eco-friendly destination should be focused on, seeing as tourism is one of our main sources of income as a country. These initiatives will have a number of benefits, including but not limited to: - Higher net-worth individuals visiting the country to stay at "eco-resorts" and spend more while here - More diverse job pool for the tourism industry due to newly created industries and services - A better place for locals to live as a result of the eco-friendly initiatives for one of the top economic sectors in the country. These initiatives can come in many shapes and forms and I've included a few suggestions in the comments section.