Whether we like it or not (I like it), we need to work towards carbon neutrality, and we are not doing enough in this country to work towards this. Instead we are working on off-setting our carbon footprint by making lots of noise about minor measures, or buying credits from other countries. This is definitely not the way to do it in my opinion. Instead we should make more intelligent and abundant use of alternative energy technologies. This can include the allowance for testing of new alternative energy technologies around the island. This is already being done on a relatively small scale but we can easily ramp this up, especially when it comes to solar, since we boast about having 300 days of sunshine a year. We need to step up our game with the international community by offering funding and resources (e.g. public buildings) for projects submitted and accepted by a select committee of local experts, This will bring money and jobs into the country through the creation of a new industry, allow us to make use of some the latest energy tech in the world, and also help to put our name on the map. This will also, in-turn, work towards us becoming an eco-destination, which in turn will bring more money into the country and diversify our tourism portfolio - history, culture, beaches, food, saving the world! This will also benefit local researchers and make better use of our limited space to generate energy and help us move towards carbon neutrality. One example I can think of would be the mixed use of solar farms and agricultural/park projects. As opposed to just creating a solar farm (e.g. in a disused quarry) work with stakeholders on making better use of the land to both generate electricity through the solar panels while using the land to grow crops and/or experiment with different alternative crop growing tests. Studies have been conducted to show certain benefits of growing some crops beneath non-opaque panels which allow the ground beneath to remain cooler than if crops were directly exposed to the sun.