Every day we are losing parts of our history, culture and natural environment, and the government should be the ones safeguarding all of these for the citizens of the past, present and future, but they have not done enough in the past and continue to degrade our islands. This is why I feel it would be prudent for the next government to take action and show they mean business. The Malta Cultural Heritage Fund would be a partnership with cultural and environmental NGOs (e.g. Din L-Art Helwa, Wirt Artna) and Heritage Malta for the setting up of a government/crowd-funded fund managed by NGOs for the purchasing of sanctioned buildings with cultural, historical or architectural significance and plots of land at proper value (not inflated market value) as well as the preservation of these properties with the aim of opening them up to the public and for use as venues (weddings, parties, events, etc.), public gardens with complementing amenities, farmland for production of local produce, for which the profits will then be injected back into the fund. There are many ways to further elaborate on this but this suggestion gives a good skeleton to how to get things started.