There are a host of benefits to urban greening such as those associated with physical and mental health, environmental benefits and even economic benefits. All of these have been proven time and time again and yet we are losing the little urban green areas we have left. In order to stop this, emphasis must be placed on Urban Greening initiatives throughout all localities on the island. Initiatives to do this should include the inclusion of planning law that states that a minimum percentage of all localities must be "green areas" where that minimum is something relatively significant (at least 20%) and the term green area is clearly defined so as not to have this abused like most other planning laws. A minimum percentage of these "green areas" in turn must be made open to the public by the government for added benefit. Most areas should be left relatively "wild" which means that significantly less public funding will be required while still retaining naturally occurring flora which has evolved to survive and thrive on the islands which in turn would also require less water consumption and wastage. There is no need to spend millions of Euros to open up green public spaces. E.g. Green area in Mosta to be transformed into green public area ( This is a great initiative but there is no need to spend a million Euros and get rid of most of the greenery that nature already put there. All that is required is some pruning and the use of natural materials, possibly already available on the land to create benches and bins, and that’s it. Same goes for other projects and that money can be used on creating more green areas (1 million Euro for 5 green areas instead of 1)