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    Matthew Camilleri
    commented on Reform of the Education Sector 2021-09-22 11:55:24 +0200
    Many thanks for your replies. Here are a few practical examples on how, in my opinion, things can improve:

    :- Introducing a form of civic studies at secondary level – the closest thing there is is Systems of Knowledge (particularly the module on democracy), which is only available at sixth form level. This remains, in my view, the biggest shortcoming in the Vot-Sittax programme.

    :- Having students participate in at least one (State-funded) extra-cullicular activity, be it sports, the arts, debating classes, anything. This broadens worldviews, strengthens communities and improves individuals.

    :- Encouraging class ‘debates’ on current issues, and not stifling discussions on anything which resembles controversy. On the contrary, time from the school day should be allocated specifically for this sort of exercise – mature, non-partisan discussions on current affairs and controversies which arise on a national and international level.