It is well and good claiming you will do this and that if elected but the people need a clear commitment to causes such as the environment (which includes the blatant construction anywhere and everywhere as long as money as involved and pockets are filled). Words are just that until you dare to take bold and decisive decisions to show us you are not lying and will not end up in bed with the construction magnates just as every political party before you (PN or PL)has done without shame or responsibility. Prove to us that you will also not give in to voters who disrespect EU laws in birdlife protection(hunters) who always seem to bend every leading party's arm in return for votes. Guarantee us and accept political responsibility should you break your word that jobs or favours will not be granted prior to election. Act with impunity with those MP's or party reps who break the law (no matter how small or big the fish is). And, finally, speak up for the hundreds of families who are held hostage by siblings when they inherit property. You can see the number of buildings left abandoned because of the lame and unfair court proceedings, which drag on for years and years. Change the law and save that property from being abandoned and put to better use.