Start a think tank to figure out how Malta can both grow tourism and also to spread it out throughout the entire year. Malta is known as the country with over 300 days of sunshine, but this doesn't only occur for 2-3 months of summer. There is a good selling point to bring more tourists to Malta during the non summer months - this would create more stability throughout the hotel and catering industry jobs, a more consistent revenue stream for the hotel and catering industry as well as more income for the country in general. Spreading out tourism throughout the entire year will also spill over to other benefits, like reducing the over-population during the summer months. Summer over-population leads to overfilled beaches, overfilled public transport, sky rocketing accommodation prices, overbooked rentals etc. All of which would be well served by a more spread out source of tourism. In the end, such a strategy would improve the lives of Maltese citizens and would leave Malta a lively and more manageable place all year round, not just in Summer.