All points mentioned below might be able to benefit from European funding --------------------------- 1. To implement residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a prerequisite to construction. Put into law and enforce a law that states that ANY newly constructed building (include necessary conditions) must be planned in a way that provides the space for installation of renewable energy generating equipment. Also include that said equipment must be installed before the building is used for any residential or commercial purposes. Set a minimum requirement for energy generation of 25% of all the building’s energy needs. If in any calendar year, any of these buildings generate less than 25% of the electricity consumed, the difference will be charged at an extremely high rate. Over time, most renewable energy generating equipment loses efficiency. This must be catered for in the conditions in a way that requires building owners to replace the equipment once efficiency is reduced or pay the extremely high rate mentioned above. Details to be ironed out, but this is a blueprint to work off of. This will marginally inflate the cost of property, but at least it’s property inflation for a good reason, not just random greed and the new owners will have reduced electricity bills. --------------------------- 2. To implement incentives for residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a part of property purchasing. Create an incentive whereby when people purchase a property, a substantial percentage of (or 100% of) the stamp duty paid by the buyer is returned to the buyer in the form of vouchers which may ONLY be redeemed in the form of purchases for equipment installed to generate renewable energy. --------------------------- 3. To create a platform/marketplace where people rent their extra space for energy generation There would be a need for a legal framework and term contracts, but by doing this, anyone with extra unused space could rent out their space to people who don’t have space where to generate their own renewable electricity. This could be useful for; a) People NOT part of points 1 and 2 above - who don’t have space in their own property for renewable energy, but who want to contribute to renewable electricity generation and a lowering of their yearly electricity bills. b) People from point 2 above who have purchased a property which doesn’t have space to install renewable energy generating equipment - and therefore don’t have anywhere where to use the vouchers. c) Anyone who wants to invest in the increase of renewable energy --------------------------- 4. To create a crowdfunded renewable energy farm with a yearly ROI It doesn’t have to be a single farm in one place, but a network of equipment throughout the island. Either through space rented out in point 3 or by utilising any appropriate space that becomes available, the government could set up an investment opportunity where anyone can invest even the smallest amount of money and the ROI will be determined by electricity generation of the entire network. Of course, I have simplified the idea and it would be much more complex to implement, but not impossible - and also self funded.