Malta like many countries seems to allocate large sums of money towards football. As a sport its is not the most inclusive because of stereotyping etc. An alternative that has worked in the Uk is tennis. Tennis courts are less expensive to maintain, take up less space and are accessible equally to boys and girls alike. Most councils across London include one/ two/several tennis courts in public garden projects and then run these tennis court through a national/local academy. These garden projects and parks are not necessarily large but include a play area for kids, trees and open space and tennis courts (without lighting not to disturb neighbours). The academy the promotes lessons from the age of 4 at a subsidised cost. The public can book slots online and access to the courts is through a key code which means that no one needs to be physically present - hence reduced cost/admin. A campaign should be launched by central govt and funded through the planning authority fund to encourage councils to make these facilities available. Developers should also be charged an additional community levy based on the size of the project to fund these initiatives in the town /locality where they intend to build. Such levies (which need to be substantially higher than the current rates) could also contribute to social housing in the locality, similar to what is done in the UK.