Is it any wonder that the issues which are always at the very top of our priority list for our governments are the ones which have a direct impact on our lives?

We all expect our governments to create the right conditions so we can improve our quality of life. We expect our governments to manage the broader economy prudently and to administer the education system equitably, so that we and our children can create a better future for ourselves. A future where we can live happy, healthy lives and can enjoy our beautiful country with our loved ones.

Isn’t it reasonable to expect our governments to give us greater peace of mind as we strive to turn such a familiar aspiration into a reality?

Another bold proposal which offers peace of mind is the Nationalist Party’s pledge to protect areas designated as Outside Development Zone (ODZ).

The Labour Party’s 2013 promise to prioritise the environment is still ringing in our ears but the echo of that promise is now dripping in irony. Bit by bit overdevelopment has encroached across the country and with excuse after excuse the present government has commodified every corner of Malta and Gozo irrespective of whether it is protected land or not.

Shouldn’t we as citizens have the peace of mind that once an area is designated as being ODZ, it will be treated as such rather than ODZ-unless-the-price-is-right?

In contrast the Nationalist Party cannot be clearer – areas which are ODZ will remain outside the scope of development because we will afford them legislative protection. We will provide the public with this peace of mind.


While what is permissible in ODZ land today, will remain permissible tomorrow, any administration will require the approval of two-thirds of Parliament to change an ODZ designation.

And we will not stop there, because we do not simply want to protect existing ODZ areas, we want to add to them! By buying back other parcels of land, we will give back more open spaces to everyone.

When a government loses sight of its mission to help its citizens improve their quality of life, it abdicates its responsibility and leaves people to fend for themselves. The Nationalist Party is determined to give citizens peace of mind in this respect. We know that you cannot put a price on health or on the environment. You can rest easy that we will be there to protect them both for you.

Partit Nazzjonalista


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