What we are facing today is unprecedented. Surpassing today’s challenges might seem impossible. Yet, it is no different from the unprecedented and seemingly impossible situations our predecessors faced in the past.

In 1958, Malta was under a Labour Government and the situation was catastrophic. Our forefathers were fighting in the streets, shedding their blood, believing that that was the only way to secure a better future. By fighting to be part of the United Kingdom. But the PN upped the nation’s ambition to dream of being an independent and autonomous State. And in just six years, without any more violence, without any more blood, but with great diplomatic efforts and following patient negotiations, the Maltese people were out again in the streets, this time celebrating their Independence.

In 1987, Malta was under a Labour Government and the situation was catastrophic. Malta was in mourning for the political murders of a sister and a brother of ours. Parts of the country were deemed no-go areas for half the nation. Isolated from the rest of the world, Malta was with no real economy, no vestige of democracy, no just public order and on the verge of a civil war. But the PN again upped the nation’s ambition to dream of being a modern, democratic country, and in just nine years, Malta was modernised, with a functioning liberal and open economy, on its path to join the European Union vision.

In 1998, Malta was under a Labour Government and the situation was catastrophic. Malta’s economy was in chaos after the haphazard replacement of VAT with CET, and the freezing of the bid to join the European Union. The Labour Government stopped functioning after less than two years. But then PN again upped the nation’s ambition to dream of being equal partners in an enlarging European Union, and in just six years Malta joined the European family, creating unprecedented economic growth and security, and opening endless opportunities in all fields for everyone to progress.

It is 2021, Malta is under a Labour Government again and the situation is again catastrophic. Malta has been found responsible for the assassination of its topmost journalist, of selling out its citizenship to shady individuals, and of abetting the money-laundering of individuals bypassing international sanctions. In the process it has lost its reputation, it is being looked down by its international partners, and it has ended up being run by criminals evading charges. Its dysfunctional economy keeps harvesting the fruits of past investments with no real seeds being sown for future growth. The place feels overcrowded and suffocating, open spaces are constantly threatened and being gradually lost. Our wellbeing is being destroyed. Our children, younger brothers and sisters, feel so hopeless about the situation that they are seriously considering leaving the country for good.

It is time to follow the course of history and let PN up the nation’s ambition to dream for a better Malta. A Malta where economic growth does not come at the cost of the environment. Where our children’s education is not based on information, but on formation and critical thought. Where we are all united in condemning what’s wrong, whoever does it and whenever it’s done. Where we value the common good, and where politicians are held accountable for their actions on the same ethical and political standards used in other Western and European countries. Because we have nothing less than others, and we should never aim lower than others.

Malta’s progress was turbulent, with its ups and downs. But when faced with catastrophic and impossible situations, our predecessors dreamt, inspired, led, and had the courage to surpass all our dark moments.

In a few decades’ time, I want to be telling my children how in 2021, our generation dreamt, inspired, led, and had the courage to believe in a better Malta. How the situation seemed catastrophic, seemed impossible, but like 1964, 1987 and 1998, we made it possible, we secured their future, and we achieved a better Malta for all.

This is our people’s story. This is our Nation’s story. This is the PN’s story, which we will continue writing with the same pen handed down by our forefathers, and which we shall soon pass on to our children.

Mark Anthony Sammut


Miżżewweġ, missier ta' żewġt itfal, inġinier u kunsillier lokali. President tal-Kunsill Ġenerali. Kandidat f'isem il-Partit Nazzjonalista għall-Elezzjoni Ġenerali fuq ir-4 u l-10 Distrett.