This Government has tried many ways to buy voters by promising refunds to various people for PAST injustices. This has put money in some people's pockets and maybe some of these people might end up voting Labour. Well, how about promising pensioners that if a Nationalist Party gets into Power, pensions will no longer be considered an Income and therefore no longer need to be declared on the Tax Return Form. We in the Party need to start thinking outside the box if we are going to try and WIN the next Election. The Voters of today want to see money in the pocket before anything else. If WE cannot see this for what it is then we are going to stay in OPPOSSITION for a long time. I have other ideas to share but would rather discuss these with the Leader if I can get an appointment (all I am asking for is about 30 minutes with the Leader, I have in the past met with Dr. Simon Bussutil at PN House).