Is it any wonder that the issues which are always at the very top of our priority list for our governments are the ones which have a direct impact on our lives?


We all expect our governments to create the right conditions so we can improve our quality of life. We expect our governments to manage the broader economy prudently and to administer the education system equitably, so that we and our children can create a better future for ourselves. A future where we can live happy, healthy lives and can enjoy our beautiful country with our loved ones.


Isn’t it reasonable to expect our governments to give us greater peace of mind as we strive to turn such a familiar aspiration into a reality?


Our belief that the answer to this question is a resounding ‘Yes’ has been the driving force behind the development of two of flagship pledges.


We have all experienced or seen loved ones experience what a heavy toll disease takes on our lives, and all of us know all too well what an especially cruel disease cancer is. The number of cancer cases continues to grow in our country and we all rightly expect our governments to do more to help us when we must go through the difficult times this disease brings.


The Nationalist Party is willing to do much more. We have a strong legacy of prioritising cancer as a public health issue and are pledging to continue building on this legacy with more forward-looking proposals.


In the field of oncology, we are proposing another leap of quality by promising new measures in biological care, research and innovation, prevention and holistic support.


The Nationalist Party is also promising to invest in a service of ambulatory chemotherapy, which will allow patients suffering from certain types of cancer to receive their care in their own homes rather than having to make the taxing journey to the hospital.


We also know that the last thing cancer patients need is the additional worry of steep costs associated with their treatments. We recognise the noble work of the Malta Community Chest Fund in this regard but is it not reasonable to expect that our governments provide the peace of mind in such circumstances rather than having to depend on charity?


The Nationalist Party’s pledge is this regard is bold and clear – whoever needs to travel abroad for cancer treatment will have such treatments paid for by the State. We will provide the public with this peace of mind.

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