I invite anyone to read the last two Labour Party electoral manifestos; both 2013 &2017 and decide for yourselves the gaps, lies and deceit which exist, what  was promised and what was delivered.  

2013 Manifest…Page 42 item 15 the Labour party promised to irradicate precarious work practices.

“We disqualify from participating in tenders for Government works those companies that do not observe the conditions and rights stipulated in the law or that systematically use practices related to precarious work.” 

2017 Manifest… Page 31 item 3 the Labour Party’s promise for Equal pay for Equal Work

the concept of equal pay for equal work is a fundamental value of justice that we believe in. No one should be exploited and paid less by those who do the same work, for no reason. A new government led by Joseph Muscat continues to work to put this value into practice as the next natural step after carrying out important reforms to address the precarious during these four years. Therefore, anyone who does the same work, in the same company should enjoy this principle. A new government will be committed to not only legislating in this regard but also to strengthening enforcement structures.”

These are both very similar promises made to the public… one stating basically the PL will eradicate precarious work practices and will disqualify any tenders where precarious work exists…the other statin that all workers doing the same work will be paid the same wage… this in itself if NOT adhered to is a precarious practice.

Fast forward to the 2021 budget were Government promised to give all employee’s working with contractors who have  been awarded Government tenders double pay for working on Sundays. When you hear it it’s as if they are giving them some sort of reward or a gift when in fact it is the law… I dare you, go ahead and read every work regulation order in the Maltese industrial law and see which worker in this case is not INTITLED to double pay on Sunday. So basically, the government is not awarding you or giving you anything… IT IS THE LAW it’s your right and it was this Government that was keeping it from you for the last 8 years…

So ok lets say this is Sunday’s settled, but what about Monday to Saturday? Do employee’s that do the same work not deserve to be paid the same? Well, that’s what PL promised in 2017 but once again FAILED TO DELIVER! Look it up its there in black and white on page 31… and signed!  

But wait a minute… in the same words of this government who promised to eradicate precarious works, and disqualify tenders that were not observing the rights stipulated by law… in its’s own words the government knew that employees were being taken advantage of, where not being paid correctly and still continue not to be paid equally as there Government employee counter parts but not only are the tenderers NOT disqualified but they are allowed to continue to discriminate against them by not paying them the same wages as others with the Governments approval!

In laymen’s terms not only is this government not seeing that industrial laws are upheld (and are therefore being broken) but is allowing contractors who are tendering and are breaking the law to do so with their approval.

The only promise I think was kept was the promise of continuity…they started off lying to the people and they continue to lie to the people.

Ivan Castillo


A candidate from the people for the people. Kandidat f'isem il-Partit Nazzjonalista għall-Elezzjoni Ġenerali fuq it-12 Distrett.