PN's Vision To Create Proper Work-Life Balance For Parents

Ever since Malta’s Independence we have worked fiercely as a nation to raise our standard of living and strengthen our economy. Today, we are reaping many rewards for our decades of effort, but we are also experiencing some of the drawbacks of an increasingly fastpaced and competitive lifestyle and a declining birth rate. Too many of us are overworked, and have precious little energy to devote to our family, friends and health. As a party, we want to help Maltese society restore work-life balance, without sacrificing or risking the standard of living we have worked so hard to achieve. Here are just a few of our proposals to get the ball rolling. 

1. We will extend paternity leave for new fathers from one day to 15 days. 

If you are a new father, or know one, then you understand how hard it is to leave your newborn baby at home while you go to work. Young fathers need time to bond with their children. Everybody benefits from more committed fathers and better-supported mothers. Let’s give you the time to make that happen. 

2. We will give 8-weeks of paid parental leave to both parents

Having young children is a rewarding but also challenging experience and we want to support parents to be there for their children without having to worry about lost income. That's why we will make sure parents can take up to two months of parental leave until their child is eight years old. This will also be applicable for adoptive or foster parents and will be able to be taken in different periods.

3. We will give self-employed parents parental leave just like employed parents

We will ensure that self-employed parents receive income from the state during periods of parental leave. This scheme is intended to help freelance and gig-economy workers to start a family more easily. Being self-employed should not make it harder for you to start a family.

4. We will offer financial support for child-care services to working parents

Working parents, including self employed parents, are a big part of our economy’s backbone. Motivated, responsible, hard-working, and invested, working parents make a huge contribution to our nation. That’s why we want to make their lives a little bit more manageable by helping them to pay for child-care and nanny services. With PN in government, parents will be able to apply for a tax rebate to cover half the costs of child-minding services. 

5. Parental sick leave will also include circumstances where a parent must stay home to care for a sick child

No parent should ever be forced to choose work over caring for a sick child. We want parental leave to include those times when parents must stay home to care for their children. Today more than ever our society needs prioritise health and family.

6. We will give workers the right to ask for more flexible work times

A flexible society is one that stops people from falling through the cracks. We understand that the demands in people’s lives are different, and that a more flexible workplace is better for everyone. We will give workers the right to ask for flexible start and end times to their working day. 

7. We will give workers the right to work remotely for a certain number of days per week

For those who work in sectors where remote work is possible, we want the option to become a right. Today we know that remote work has many benefits for workers, their families, and even society at large, which benefits from reduced traffic congestion and pollution.

8. We will give a VAT rebate to companies that invest in ergonomic furniture for workers

With so much of modern work life taking place at a desk, tens of thousands of Maltese make their living from an office chair. Though we rarely think about it, well-made ergonomic furniture can save thousands of people from chronic back problems, reducing the burden on healthcare and improving quality of life. We want to incentivise employers to get the right furnishings for their workplace. 

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