PN’s Manifesto: What’s In It For Home-Owners (And Aspiring Home-Owners)?

Home ownership is a central part of PN’s Vision 2030 because it ensures social mobility. PN’s vision is intended to encourage home ownership, to incentivise energy efficiency in all households and to make sure nobody is left behind. 


1. Families will get up to €6,000 every year to invest in eco-friendly works at home

Every home owner will be eligible for a VAT refund of €3,000 per year to help make their home more energy efficient and to lower their carbon footprint. This grant will be €6,000 for families that include pensioners or people with disabilities. 

2. Government loans to help you pay 10% deposit

Young couples who cannot afford to pay the 10% deposit required, will be able to get a loan from government of up to €20,000 that can be paid over 30 years.

3. Government will pay half the interest of your home loan for the first five years

If you’ve taken a bank loan to buy a property, half your interest on the first €250,000 will be paid for by the government for the first five years, making it easier for you to get onto the property ladder. This applies for people under the age of 35. All other buyers will be able to deduct the interest from their taxable income for the first five years up to a maximum property value of €350,000.

4. Sellers and buyers of affordable apartments will pay less tax

Sellers of finished residential properties that meet certain basic standards and cost up to €120,000 will not have to pay capital gains tax and the buyers will not have to pay stamp duty. This will ensure that there are more affordable properties on the market. 

5. First-time buyers schemes will become permanent and stamp duty will not have to be paid for properties up to €400,000

Instead of waiting every year to see whether first-time buyers will have incentives, a PN government will introduce permanent incentives and will also widen these incentives to cater for properties costing up to €400,000.

6. Separated and divorced couples are considered first-time buyers again

When those who are separated or divorced need to buy a residential property for themselves to move out, they will get to access the first-time buyers schemes.

7. 500 residential units each year will be bought, built or rented to end housing waiting lists

A PN government will create a public-private partnership with developers that meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards to ensure that 500 residential units are made available each year to social housing, to end waiting lists by the end of the next legislature. 

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