PN’s Manifesto: What’s in it for the environment?

PN’s Vision 2030 for Malta is one of the most transformative electoral programmes ever proposed in Malta. Instead of just distributing taxpayer money for votes, the vision sees real investment in changing behaviours and mentalities in Malta.

Going beyond GDP

PN’s manifesto begins with a clear commitment for the country’s success to stop being measured only in terms of the economic metric GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Instead, success should be measured against a variety of indicators that evaluate the wellbeing of society. This will create an incentive for economic development to stop being dependent on environmental destruction. And it creates a basis for how the government should spend taxpayer money. 

Tax incentives will benefit companies and organisations that environmental, social and governance standards (ESG)

To encourage sustainability, the government will create an ESG framework (agreed with the social partners) to make sure companies and organisations benefitting from government assistance are also contributing to society. Government will incentivise commitments to climate neutrality, responsible use of land, waste management, energy efficiency, the end of precarious employment, better work-life balance, community work, and good fiscal responsibility.

A commitment to reaching 80% climate neutrality by 2030

Malta’s currently deadline is to achieve this by 2050, but PN wants to make sure we’re 80% of the way there  after the next eight years. That’s why it is so important to incentivise the private sector to contribute to this ambitious achievement. PN will also set up an agency to help reach this goal.

Unprecedented protection of undeveloped land

For a piece of Outside Development Zone (ODZ) land to be scheduled for development, this would require the support of two-thirds of Parliament to ensure that it is only done when there is a definite public need to do so.

Each year, government will add 50,000 metres squared to ODZ

A PN government commits to finding 50,000 metres squared of public land each year and ensuring it is zoned as Outside Development Zone. Instead of increasing Malta’s built-up footprint, it’s about time we start to decrease it and start to regreen areas that belong to government. 

Better rules for neighbours of construction sites

When excavation is taking place, developers will be obliged to provide alternative accommodation to the nearby residents, while also paying residents an adequate deposit that will only be released if no damage is done to the neighbour’s property. Construction projects will also have a deadline by which they must finish works or else face fines and other actions by the authorities. These measures will help protect the rights, safety and security of people living near construction sites.

A green lung in every locality and the biggest tree-planting effort ever made

PN in government will invest in public open spaces, creating green lungs in every locality and the development of gardens, fountains and eco-parks for families to enjoy. PN will deliver the biggest afforestation programme the country has every seen to ensure our communities can breathe.

€10,000 for you to get rid of your car

To reduce traffic and congestion, a PN government will offer citizens a €10,000 grant over five years to encourage families to scrap their cars and not buy a new one. This will reduce the number of cars per household, while encouraging people to use alternative transport. There are lots of other incentives to discourage the use of polluting cars and encourage the use of mass public transport, electric cars and bicycles - including a commitment for 10% of trips to start being done by bicycle through investment in adequate bike lanes and the protection of cyclists.

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