It has been the privilege and the burden of the Nationalist Party to generate a new economic boom every time it returns to government after a stint in opposition. But even prosperity brings problems in its wake. Between 1996 and 2015, the number of car licences in Malta leapt by 158%. In 1987, there was barely one private car per family. Today, there are families with fewer members than private cars.

This is all good. The economy and transport are tightly interlinked. The economy cannot grow unless it can receive and deliver goods, services, clients, workers and anything else necessary, not only to keep it ticking, but to grow steadily and consistently. Moreover, economic growth leads to increased investment and demand, raising the need for greater mobility for people, goods and services. For this reason, the explosion in private transport is an excellent indication of the development of the economy over the past decades, not only as an expression of spending power, but also as an indication of the scale of economically bene cial activity. This is testament to the achievements of the Nationalist Party in government between 1987 and 2013 

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