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Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



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  • Billboards

    Meta ser nibdew naghmlu uzu sew tal-Bilboards? Il-Labour ilu li beda jtella l-Billboards xhur shah imhallsin mill-gvern laburista b'reklami ta' x'suppost qed jaghmel bhala gvern. Tahsbu intom li dawn il-billboards malli jxolji il-parlament u tithabbar id-data ta' l-elezzjoni ma jinqalbux bi propaganda laburista fil-lejl tat-thabbira? Nixtieq inkun naf minn ghand min inkrew dawn il-billboards. Tghid il-gvern laburista krihom minn ghand il-partit laburista?

  • survey issued by Times of Malta

    the survey issued by times of malta yesterday about youths is a clear indication where the PN should start to work immediately. this has to be the basis of the election campaign and we need to work hard to get the youths back to the party. we need to offer the youths a comfortable choice that they will not need to go abroad to have a decent life but to stay here and help this country move forward. i feel that this is the strategy that the PN must work on - can we figure out those 60 % who said they will leave are inclined to the labour side? if we mange to get them on board that will be great

  • Paid study leave

    Provide paid study leave incentives and continuous professional development grants for privately-employed employees specializing in areas related to their line of work

  • Mater Dei employee parking

    Improve Mater Dei employee parking. Employees are arriving nearly an hour early for work just to find parking. This can be done by providing park and ride services

  • Lessen Taxes for persons with private pensions

    Those who are retired or pensioners who receive a private pension, whether they have a private pension or a private pension plus the government pension, often have to pay taxes as they go above the tax bracket ceiling therefore having to pay full taxes from their pension. I am suggesting to either higher the ceiling or even better, instead of paying full taxes as though working, the system would allow to pay a lower tax rate. This would offset the fact that persons don't receive full pensions from government when there is already a private one. Also it would incentivise more people to invest in private pension plans, thus giving those reaching the retirement age a better future.

  • Specialists fees refund to over 60’s

    The proposal of free doctors in the community for over 60’s is a good start. May I suggest that the concession be extended also to the specialists fees for the same age bracket. Currently if one is referred to a specialist at Mater Dei, there is a long waiting time to be called as an outpatient. Sometimes the condition of the patient will require an urgent review by a specialist and in such cases consultations need to be carried out privately. The private consultations with specialists and consultants are currently costing anything in the region of €70 fee plus €6 clinic fee. This measure will help pensioners to seek the help of specialist and consultants as early as possible to deal with the ailment. The same goes for investigations, which require a long waiting list in certain cases to be carried out at private clinics which have the right certified equipment.

  • Billboards

    Billboards required to be seen: Text in Maltese and English. "This is the value that was stolen from the Maltese and Gozitan people". Mention an approx value. "Safeguard our industries. Let's work together to solve the grey listing problem" "let's work together for a brighter future for our children" Another set of billboards with just bullet points of all the NP proposals.

  • Free specialist fees for over sixties

  • Haddiema tal kuntratturi

    Haddiema li jahdmu mal Kuntratturi f'dipartimenti varji tal gven , f'kul qasam mhux carers biss, ghandhom jkollom l'istess kundizzjonijiet eg sick leave ugwali, leave ugwali pagi u kundizzjonijiet ta xoghol ugwali. Ghad hemm precident kbir f'dan il qasam,

  • Grant for post-graduate students

    Financial aid for those students wishing to pursue a post-graduate degree such as masters. Often, these students have to pay huge amounts of money to pursue their post-graduate studies which range from 2k to 11k, just for the degree. This leads to students having to work a fulltime job to sustain their studies whilst trying to catch up with their lectures, studies, assignments and thesis.. leading to a lot of stress and often leaving little room for free time.

  • Mistiedna fuq NETtv u FMRadio

    Jista xi ħadd jgħidli kemm hemm kandidati tal-PN għal-elezzjoni li ġejja, għax ħlief l-istess nies ma' tismax fuq RadjuFM u tara fuq NetTV tal-partit. L-oħrajn qishom ma' jeżistux. Kont qed nitkellem ma' wieħed mill-kandidati li jaħdem ħafna għal-partit fuq id-distrett tagħna, biex ikun mistieden biex jitkellem jew iwieġeb lis-semmiegħa iridu jghaddu s-snin. Ghaliex ma' nagħtux ċans lil kulħadd l-istess? U hawn ħafna imweġġin minħabba f'hekk. L-istess nies li jinstemu fuq ir-radju, wara ftit tarahom fuq it-TV, jirrepetu l-istess diskors ta' fuq ir-radju. PN please note!

  • Team

    Start presenting profiles and area of competence or interest of candidates that will potentially be in the cabinet or supporting ministries in their policies implementation. Clusters or portfolio of shadowing MPs may not provide a clear view. People want to know that you are prepared to govern and that the leader has the right people in the team.

  • zejtun

    illala ma jidher hadd mill kandidati fiz zejtun?? staqsejt nies u kulhadd jghidli li hadd ma gie ihabbatlu l bieb. veru li zejtun ghandu l fama ta laburist pero nghidilkom li hawn hafna nazzjonalisti kwieti go darhom. please tinsewhx zejtun. fuq kollox distrett taghna dejjem 3-2 gie. hudu hsiebna zwieten pls, qlajna fuq rasna bizzejjed. grazzi

  • Local councils.

    I was brainstorming regarding our local councils and conducted some research what foreign local councils look like and how they operate. May I offer the following suggestions, please. If we really believe in local councils and their abilities and if such councils are carefully monitored, then I feel it is time to manage change. I would ensure that all those elected are fully paid and that their income is solely a local Council wage, which is fair and reasonable. Anything or nearly anything which has to be done in the town or village is fully managed by the council, meaning that funds are sent to the council, they issue call for tenders, they issue the orders, they pay, they monitor the services given and they take care of the entire process. If need be, to cope with the workload, civil servants are transferred to local councils, to assist. One board is nominated by the government, three by the government and two by the opposition. They will be responsable to monitor and scrutinize all tender awards to ensure the outmost transparency. Where possible and if enough space is available in the council's building, certain civil sevants from various govt depts are transfered there to provide a better service for those who, to date, do not know how to use facilities provided via the Internet. We still have many of such people. If a really good plan is made, it will be a success. Let me give just one example. Yeserday, in a particular locality, 5 or 6 people (I have no idea with whom they are employed) were walking through the streets checking if the garbage issued is correct on the day. Instead of splitting up so that in 1 day they can cover nearly all the streets, they all stuck together. Pathetic and stupid. Money down the drain. Let's give our people the leadership they want and need. The photo say's it all.

  • votazzjoni

    iltqajt ma persuna li tahdem go dar tal anzjani, privata mhux tal gvern, u qaltli li f jum tal votazzjoni, anzjani li jkollhom dimenzja johduhom bil fors biex jivvutaw. tghidilhom ghalxejn ghax ma tikkomunikax povra anzjana. umbad johorgu mill kamra u jghidulha qed tara kif ivvutat, li tkun haga impossibli. nixtieq li f jum il votazzjoni ikun hemm kummissarji ta stoffa li jaraw hux qed isir kollox sew, specjalment ma dawn il povri anzjani. niftakkru li ghandna bzonn kull vot. grazzi

  • Survey:s

    The last survey showed a picture whereby PN is still at a disadvantage. Prior to looking very deeply into those who will not vote, those who do not who to vote for, I, for one, would like to focus on the section of people who cannot understand why the NP is the only alternative today. Now, there are those who I am more than sure do not understand what the NP is proposing. And those who do no want to understand. Who are the people who might have voted LP are, and how do you really get to them? How can the party be more effective to get through. Billboards, a one page flyer in each household. Simple words. Mention "your children's future". Mention "are you really coping with being able to buy all you need and are you paying higher elect and water bills. Use polls on Social media on Maltese and English. A poll can easily be issued per day. So much can be done.

  • Stop focusing on what PL is doing and look within to see what you guys are doing, or not......

    I saw one of your billboards again focusing on PL. Isn't it time you had a deep look within and discussed what needs to change there instead of fixating on the external? Every day I live in hope that the opposition will become a strong, unified focused party engaged in taking action on pressing issues for Malta and her people. There is so much work to be done just to pick up the pieces of your broken party, apart from creating a sense of trust and faith in you. The dinosaurs need to get out of the picture fast if you want to appeal to a varied cross section of society and move with the times, in a no-nonsense and practical manner. I know this comment will probably fall on deaf ears but being an eternal optimist I still believe this can be done. It's the only way credibility will be gained with those who are disillisioned with you. And don't forget that women make up 50% of your electorate as well, also food for thought when paving the way forward. Good luck.

  • Deficit.

    Can somebody explain, not in detail, but as brief as possible, what the deficit means in terms of what the govt is paying daily financially? What the total cost, to date, is the total value of what we lost due to corruption? What is an estimated total of over payments the population have paid in electricity and water bills? What else? Add them all up. What is the outflow per day? There are positive items in the budget, but I cannot really see any drastic changes. The people need to understand somehow, what is this result, in very, very brief. Billboards wil also help apart from the social media.

  • Let us see what happened in past budgets.

    The photo says it all.

  • Student tal-medicina fl-ahhar sena (IMP!)