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  • Prove your commitment to causes each party neglects time after time after time

    It is well and good claiming you will do this and that if elected but the people need a clear commitment to causes such as the environment (which includes the blatant construction anywhere and everywhere as long as money as involved and pockets are filled). Words are just that until you dare to take bold and decisive decisions to show us you are not lying and will not end up in bed with the construction magnates just as every political party before you (PN or PL)has done without shame or responsibility. Prove to us that you will also not give in to voters who disrespect EU laws in birdlife protection(hunters) who always seem to bend every leading party's arm in return for votes. Guarantee us and accept political responsibility should you break your word that jobs or favours will not be granted prior to election. Act with impunity with those MP's or party reps who break the law (no matter how small or big the fish is). And, finally, speak up for the hundreds of families who are held hostage by siblings when they inherit property. You can see the number of buildings left abandoned because of the lame and unfair court proceedings, which drag on for years and years. Change the law and save that property from being abandoned and put to better use.

  • Provide free or subsidised contraception

    Taking an anti abortion stand without offering alternatives to those who struggle with protecting themselves from pregnancy is counter-productive. Please consider offering this service, at the very least to those who cannot afford it. Do you have any idea how much a monthly prescription of the contraceptive pill costs? Thanks

  • PV panels

    PN in government should create a scheme for people who have their PVs made unusable by high buildings to relocate their PVs in a location provided by government such as reservoirs roof and buildings. The scheme will provide an opportunity for those who invested to continue to generate clean energy. The government will sub-contract the maintenance of pv structures that creates job opportunities and serve the public who were deprived of their space.

  • Rebuild the 'Teatru Imwaqqa' (Royal Opera House) (Valletta)

    What if the Nationalist party in Government rebuilds the ''Teatru Imwaqqa,'' there are plans in the Malta's national archive and it can be replicated as it was when it was in full shape

  • Reduce consumption of waste

    Instead of asking consumers to buy items with less packaging, impose policies so that supermarkets and businesses stop producing excessive packaging or unnecessary packaging. For example toothpaste; there is no need to have the tube packed in a box. Hams, cheeses, meat, vegetables and fruit, should not be pre-prepared in vacuum packed plastic. One should give incentive for reusable containers and bags. Unfortunately it is very convenient to find things ready made to consume less time doing shopping but an effort for the environment needs to be done. Thanks

  • Reducing traffic

    I would like to suggest the following in incentivizing drivers to use mass transport systems rather than their own car. TM holds a bank of a cars' mileage, therefore, it should be easy to determine who was using his/her car less frequently than usual over a period of time (a year in this case). Moreover, one can check with Tallinja card whether the bus was used instead. There may be other options as well as car pooling. A driver's car registering lower mileage may benefit from substantial saving in licence fee paid (getting a discount subject to usage). This applies mainly to cars running on fossil fuel but may be extended further to those running on gas or electricity.

  • Reform of the Education Sector

    Vouchers and grants are not the only ways to attract teens and young adults to engage in political discourse. A bold and long-overdue reform of the education sector would certainly strike a chord and get students' attention. The current system simply isn't working, neither for students nor for teachers. Parrot-like memory work is prioritized over critical thinking and mature debating, and the consequences are, unfortunately, there for all to see. As Einstein rightly put it: "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think." The ball is now in the PN's court to set forth a clear and plausible plan on how to achieve this radical shift in mentality. Big electoral gaps are narrowed by big (and practical) ideas, not petty tweaks.

  • Regarding double pension act 1979

    My husband has been retired for the last 17 years and his social pension has been reduced because he earns company pension. Since then, total pension stolen by government amounts to €100000,this being €500 per month. Is there any hope that a new government does something to refund some of its money?

  • Regenerate with younger people, Unite and Strategize for the country and party

    Country ----------- Focus on Minimum Wage and Living Wage prospects. Salaries have been stuck for ages. A lot of people want this. Rent/Property pricing Environment - A modern infrastructure. Be quicker and more resilient than PL Party ----------- Align towards a young party with regenerative ideas just like JM did in 2013. Dinosours that have been around for decades haven't got a place. Just keep the ones with great experience, get rid of the disruptors and people causing internal issues. Bring people closer to the party by championing both Adrian Delia and Bernards people as one. Listen to LABOUR SUPPORTERS and PN FLOATERS by getting their critical feedback and acting on it. Very important! Blame the Government less and focus on unity and how youll take everyone on board. People will walk to the PN if you show them a united force, not if you criticise Labour or talk about corruption.

  • Registration Tax and Vat paid on Electric Vehicles/Bikes

    If we truly want to make the change, these taxes should be immediately abolished.

  • Removal of Sisa

    Since a couple of years, Edward Scicluna added SISA to imports from abroad so every importer with each order needs to have workings done of how many kg and Litres of actual net weight of product is being imported in that order. Eg if we import a mascara, each mascara has 9ml of actual product. Workings for a medium sized order can take even 5 hrs! Shipping companies had to create entire departments to deal with the processing of the Sisa. Before the sisa is worked out and submitted, the goods are not released from customs. The sisa tax is then added to the whole order and this is reflected in the price of the end consumer. The Chamber of Commerce was working on the issue for a while to try and arrange the situation to no avail. Thanks

  • Remove deadwood

    People like Delia, Schiavone, Kirsty Debono and others must be removed.

  • Remove Garbage Bags From The Streets

    Large concealed garbage and recycling skips in residential areas to remove garbage and recycling bags from pavements and roads, this would also reduce traffic as trucks would no longer need to drive slow a whole street. Best if implemented town by town, and learn from early mistakes.

  • Reproductive rights

    PN needs to be more vocal about reproductive rights and women’s rights. Contraception needs to be free, this includes all kinds of contraception - condoms, contraceptive pill (this is also used in some medical conditions), coil and implant. Sexual health education needs to be addressed urgently and in a drastic manner, targeting all ages not just children. Also, abortion must be decriminalised. It’s unacceptable for women to be treated as criminals when they try taking control of their health. Women are going abroad for terminations when pregnancy impacts their health, when there are fatal foetal abnormalities, when they’ve been raped (they happen far more often than you’d think) and more. I’m one of the Doctors for Choice and I volunteer for the FPAS helpline. I hear plenty of horrific stories and they happen frequently. We get requests for information about abortion at least once a day with a vast range of reasons including domestic violence, health problems and dire financial situations

  • Resistenza Effettiva

    Kull meta Konrad Mizzi u Jew Edward Zammit Lewis jidhlu fil parlament l opposizzjoni tohrog l Barra.

  • Review of Court operation in order to overhaul it from the 1920's to the 2020's

  • Review of Court operation in order to overhaul it from the 1920's to the 2020's

  • SAFE Cycling infrastructure

  • Safeguard our nature

    My concern is that some virgin land is under threat by their owners themselves. Evidently and understandably most of these owners are trying to find all sorts of loopholes to somehow build or develop whatever they manage to get a permit on. Example: The solar farms on garigue land, why doesn't the government buy this land from the private sector and set rules and patrol officers to protect these areas? We're loosing so much natural land it's becoming depressing!! This land pictured for instance is under threat as there has been an application for a massive solar farm of 43000m² ! Just have a look at PA0531320

  • Sahha mentali

    Mela f mater dei kien hemm out patients ghal min ibati Mon mard mentali u ISSA tajjeb li Dan mexa fil komunita imma li ma nistax nifhem Hu kif hekk jien kont that konsulent X u ilni Zmien taht idejh fil kommunita jibatuni ghand konsulent y ghqx Hu Biss qieghed jaghti servizz Tal gvern fil area tieghi. Kif ukoll kien hemm sala mater DEI ghal kazijiet acute li mhux severi u kienet short stay ward u ISSA minhabba l vivid inalqet b konkluJoni li pazzjenti li ma ghandhimx bzonn ikunu go sptar Monte Carmel qed jintbatu hemm. Gvern nazzjonalista bi hsibu jaghmel xi Haga dwar din. Kien jezisti crisis team mater dei ghal Mon ibati min sahha mentali u ttih crisis ISSA Dan spicca fix xejn X ini l strategija Tal parrot nazzjonalosta dwar Dan.